Chaos Legends beta has arrived

By on 8-07-2016 in news

Snail Games USA today announced the launch of the highly anticipated beta client now online phone RPG game, Legend of Chaos. Snail Games USA from the latest mobile MMORPG players see in time travel back to ancient China, as they explore the dangerous enemies and monsters myth war land.

Developers have used a number of features, from their more traditional online gaming PC, bringing mobile gaming experience to new heights and new audiences quality. Some legendary Chaos more exciting features are highlighted as follows:

Asian traditional fantasy setting
Players can select each has its own set of deadly skills and abilities from three unique heroes
Do not go it alone! Chaos Legends features an exciting variety of unique mounts and pets powerful to help you in combat
Test your players may be set around the world from a variety of PvP battlefield huge 500v500
It has a unique offline a continuing character in the game world to see and stay in the game even when you are offline level