Hearthstone’s Grand Tournament expansion coming next month

By on 8-21-2015 in guides

Blizzard have revealed the Grand Tournament, a new expansion coming to Hearthstone very soon.

The Grand Tournament will offer over 130 new cards, most of which will have a pretty major effect on your decks. Most of the focus in the initial reveal was on how many of these cards can affect or boost your hero power. For instance: a new keyword, Inspire, triggers an effect when you play your hero power. An example of this is the Lowly Squire card, a 1/2 that costs 1, but has an Inspire effect where he gains +1 attack every time you use your hero power.

Others have more synergy. The Maiden of the Lake makes your hero power cost 1 mana, while the Mage-specific Coldarra Drake lets you cast your hero power as many times as you like each turn. So, uh, yeah. You can imagine the effect that might have.

It’s not all hero powers, though. Another card displayed was the Hunter card Lock and Load, which gets you a random Hunter card every time you play a spell for that turn.

Hearthstone‘s Grand Tournament will launch next month. Packs of cards can be pre-purchased for a discount (and a new card back) from next week.