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How many times do you usually tolerate a full group wipe before calling it a night? Three? Four? Now imagine if your guild has endured a whopping 472 wipes — probably not on the same night, but even so — during the toughest World of Warcraft raid currently in the game. And what if, after those 472 wipes, your guild managed to down the 13th and final boss. It would be a good reason to celebrate, is what we’re saying.

Method, a top World of Warcraft raiding guild, finally announced that it had beaten the game’s new Hellfire Citadel dungeon on mythic difficulty after nearly 500 full wipes. This puts Method once again in the spot of a world first for beating WoW’s hardest endgame content.

Meanwhile, Blizzard has posted a new dev diary highlighting the Utgarde Pinnacle timewalking dungeon. This special version of the instance appears on Wrath of the Lich King weekends, scaling munchkins down to level 81 for the attempt.


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Would you like to have a large patch to the nascent Black Desert? “No,” you said, “I’d like to have an idea about when and if it’s coming out in the US.” Well, the large patch is what you’re getting, complete with trailers helpfully provided by the fine folks at Steparu. And it actually adds the desert, which you think would be one of the first things you put into a game with deserts right in the title.

The new region in the game will include several new things for players to see and do, along with a new female ninja character for players to use. Players in Korea (or muddling through the untranslated game) are hoping this update will contain some group content and PvE activities, things the game is currently light on. You can check out the trailer just below.


Skyforge’s Final Closed Beta Begins Today

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The fourth and final closed beta for the Obsidian Entertainment and Allods Team scifi-fantasy MMORPG, Skyforge, is now live!

This final round of closed beta kicks off today, June 23 and will run through June 29 giving all players instant access to the high-tier Knight and Alchemist classes. Thousands of additional players have been invited to join Closed Beta 4 to enjoy a brand new build of the game based on player feedback that includes improvements to the client UI and chat, the addition of Pantheon guilds, new types of equipment slots and much more.

To join CBT4 players can sign up for a chance to be invited on the official Skyforge website, or get one of the Founder’s Packs that grant various bonuses along with CBT4 access and Early Access to Open Beta:


Explore A Virtual World Of Tanks With Google And Wargaming

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Wargaming, the developers of the critically acclaimed World of Tanks MMO, and Google today announced an exciting new collaboration project that offers tank enthusiasts the chance to explore the most iconic vehicles on two tracks in combat history. Have you ever wanted to get first-hand experience as a Centurion thunders its way over rough ground or discover exactly how the crew of the deadly Hetzer spend their time between battles? Well, this new project titled “Virtually Inside the Tanks” is about as close as you’re ever going to get without joining the front lines.

Alongside Google and the The Tank Museum in Bovington, England, the team at Wargaming have been painstakingly creating a series of Google 360 panoramic videos focused on the greatest vehicles in armored warfare history. it’s a huge step towards virtual reality, behaving almost like a YouTube clip but allowing the viewer to choose the angle in which they view the experience.

The videos will make their debut appearance at this years Tankfest, utilizing the latest in VR technology – offering visitors the opportunity to view the panoramic experience through the wonders of a Google Cardboard and NANO VISR headsets. The first series is expected to include the T-34-85, Easy-8 Sherman, Type 59, Chieftain and Leopard 1.


Ragefire Progression

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How things change in just a short amount of time. I decided after day two that I didn’t actually want to play a tank “just because” I thought they may be needed. In fact that’s a very silly reason to play any class and it typically ends in disappointment (at least for me). I decided to create the most disliked class, a magician. Why? Because my pet could tank for me, and when I didn’t have a group, I could still solo. I’ve never played a magician before and they’re disliked because on classic their pets tend to be better than most other melee classes. I can completely understand the dislike, but in the end I decided that shouldn’t be a reason not to play one. I also decided to start boxing my second account along with my mage, so I created a halfling druid. I admit right now my main reason for creating this was not for ports, but because I love forage. It really comes in handy.

So my human mage and my halfling druid headed to Freeport until level 5, and then commonlands where I was instantly killed by griffons roaming the zone. Forgot about those. I spent a few hours running around commonlands and while the experience was nice, I couldn’t settle into a proper camp, so I spent most of my time running. I decided to brave Nektulos Forest and figured it would be ‘safe’ if I stayed away from the guards. It almost was, too, except you need to swim across a river of pirana if you’re agro to the guards on the nearby bridge, and those hurt. Once you cross, you’re next to an orc camp that was way too high level, and then you reach the wizard spires where I began camping until the druid and mage were both level 6.

Once I hit level 6 I had about 200 bone chips on me, so I took both characters to Kaladim where I turned in bone chips to the paladin guild until I had reached level 7 and was almost level 8. I took both characters home, sold all of the items from the bone chip turn ins, and smiled gleefully at my 12 platinum. I was rich! Or so it felt.

I worked on my tailoring and baking once again, and through that spent most of my coin, but did manage to get tailoring and baking up a fair amount. I picked up my new spells, and headed with Kanad to Butcherblock, which is a relatively quiet zone much to my surprise. We found a quiet place to set up camp – and before I knew it, both characters were level 10.

Of course now I’m debating whether or not I want to play a warrior or a paladin instead of the mage. I’ve never played either of those classes. A paladin may be fun. The more I think about it the more the idea of a dwarf paladin really appeals to me. Hmm. Something to think about. I know I am pretty indecisive. I’m just trying to think ahead to future expansions and what would work best for me personally. I love grouping up but I don’t want to feel completely useless if I can’t get a group (which I think is the opinion of pretty much everyone out there). Suggestions?

Daybreak also decided to open a second progression server, Lockjaw. It’s still in the planning stages right now, but it’s supposed to help alleviate some of the queue pressure that’s currently going on. Problem is, I remember the last progression server I played on, and I remember when they opened a second server there, too, and I remember how that server eventually all but died off because the population does eventually thin out. I’ll be staying right here on Ragefire, queues and all.

Chris Avellone joins The Bard’s Tale IV as a stretch goal

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Chris Avellone is continuing his mission to become the world’s first professional stretch goal by signing up for The Bard’s Tale IV‘s Kickstarter.

Should The Bard’s Tale IV hit $1.9 million, Avellone will design an entirely new area called the Cairn of Horrors, containing “the worst things that live in the imagination of Chris Avellone”, which hopefully won’t include giant spiders. It’s noted that he’ll join up as a “writer and designer”, so it doesn’t sound like he’ll just be working on the Cairn of Horrors, but it’s a little bit unclear.

He’s not the only Planescape: Torment alumnus who’s turned into a stretch goal for the game, though. Colin McComb (who, other than Planescape: Torment, worked on Torment: Tides of Numenera and Wasteland 2) will join the team and design a new Realm of the Elves area should the Kickstarter hit $1.7 million.

The Bard’s Tale IV‘s Kickstarter is currently sat on $1,364,699 USD, having passed its funding goal of $1.25 million last Friday, although I don’t think this takes into account any money pledged through alternate methods like PayPal. The Kickstarter ends in 11 days.

PC Invasion’s resident superstar interviewer, Rich Nolan, recently had a chat with Chris Avellone about game design, his plans for the future after leaving Obsidian, and his thoughts on both past and present project. You can read that here.