Chaos Legends beta has arrived

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Snail Games USA today announced the launch of the highly anticipated beta client now online phone RPG game, Legend of Chaos. Snail Games USA from the latest mobile MMORPG players see in time travel back to ancient China, as they explore the dangerous enemies and monsters myth war land.

Developers have used a number of features, from their more traditional online gaming PC, bringing mobile gaming experience to new heights and new audiences quality. Some legendary Chaos more exciting features are highlighted as follows:

Asian traditional fantasy setting
Players can select each has its own set of deadly skills and abilities from three unique heroes
Do not go it alone! Chaos Legends features an exciting variety of unique mounts and pets powerful to help you in combat
Test your players may be set around the world from a variety of PvP battlefield huge 500v500
It has a unique offline a continuing character in the game world to see and stay in the game even when you are offline level

Sony Online Entertainment and buy the company changed its name to Dawn game

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It was not a large room, but it was beautiful. It was a miniature version of the traditional chapel style that could be seen in every human town, perhaps a trifle more lavish with regard to the details. The chalice that was shared was finely wrought of gold and inlaid with gems; the table upon which it lay, an antique. Even the benches had comfortable padding, while the common folk had to make do with flat wooden ones.

It was officially announced on Monday the acquisition of Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE) and in New York by the name of Columbus Nova investment management company acquisitions.

Planning now as an independent game development studio, Columbus Nova renamed Sony Online Entertainment gaming company dawn.

Community priority service mode known best known for its super-heavy attack and their franchises EverQuest, Planetside®2 and DC Universe ™ – among many other people – Sony Online Entertainment has been developing online entertainment for the beloved different platforms, because a lot of 1999.

Columbus Nova’s senior partner, Jason Epstein, published about the company acquired the following statement, “” Sony Online Entertainment, recently renamed the dawn, is a great addition to our existing technology, media and entertainment center The company’s portfolio. We saw with the company’s game portfolio, by expanding multi-platform products and the new premium games here, including the recently launched H1Z1 and highly anticipated EverQuest Next, an exciting portfolio of growth tremendous opportunity, to be released in the near future. Early H1Z1 recently launched the visit a success is a testament to the studio developers to create great online gaming experience talent and dedication. ”

In addition, John Smedley, president of the dawn of the newly established game company also issued an official statement, “We are very pleased to be joining Columbus Nova impressive list of companies. They have a good record of similar and related industries. We eager to move forward and see how we can push the boundaries of online gaming. We will continue to focus on providing excellent gamers around the world, and to our product portfolio, the new platform, to embrace a multi-platform world, we We are alive. ”

As always, stay tuned to the most minute news and dawn on the newly created game company, including its highly anticipated blockbuster project, EverQuest Next comments fracture.

Firefall MMO game to unlock fusion

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The stallion’s coat, mane, and tail, gray at his birth, had turned white as the snow that had coated the ground on that day. It was a color that was rare even among the Balnir- bred horses, whose “white” coats were really mostly just light gray. Arthas had toyed with names like “Snowfall” or “Starlight,” but in the end, he followed the informal tradition of Lordaeron knights and gave his steed the name of a quality. Uther’s mount was “Steadfast,” Terenas’s “Courageous.”

The new trailer reveals the dynamic events, rewards and more fighting!

Red 5 Studios today released a new game Firefall trailer accompany players in the game in Cologne, Germany, to visit the site announced Firefall. Currently in the first stage of public testing, Firefall provides a unique technology-based vertical battle in a futuristic sci-fi universe

In this year’s game red 5 will discuss ongoing initiatives to push back fusion, and unlock Firefall world, using the latest dynamic events, and three new “melding pocket”, the upcoming GamesCom milestone like. Players can register to participate in Firefall public beta is free.

“Firefall come, because the game is a long way to go, we are pleased to see the improvements and new content to our fans and new players in the game,” said James McCauley, vice president of Development, Red 5 studio. “There are many more upcoming feature additions and talk about the game, so come and visit us at the show!”

About Firefall
Firefall, the upcoming free-to-play MMO shooter, set in a unique and beautiful science fiction universe 200 years later. Players are part of the human on earth the last remnants of fighting against all odds to survive in a hostile planet ravaged positive energy storm, attack by a mysterious humanoid race, known as the chosen. A 2013’s most anticipated PC game, Firefall by two AAA-level components, will attract Gunners fans: polished PvP combat system adjusted to the elite level of e-sports competitions and powerful open world experience designed to immerse the player in the deep Deep storyline dynamic events and social games.

SQUARE ENIX announced F2P MECH- fighting game figurehead

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The man’s hands tightened on the arms of his chair as he listened to both of them. This had been a recurring dream over the last few years; he found it now more tiresome than entertaining. “I grow weary of the struggle. Let us end this once and for all.”
The company has just announced a new 5v5 champion mech shooter called puppet – or “view of the head,” We see two versions of pop, and we Japanese are not so hot – and it has a very dramatic, if reaching back story:
In the 20th century, a huge meteor in Earth orbit satellites settlers created unprecedented panic and confusion. Human attempts to shoot down with anti-aircraft missiles falling meteor debris resistance, but their city was destroyed, eventually.

The land is currently contaminated by a meteor falling harmful substances and human beings are forced to live in underground shelters. In order tube surface from underground, has experienced a sharp acceleration unmanned robots to go with their own technology has made significant progress.

Adolescents, their new life underground boring, like unmanned robots such operations is called “2Foot.” Entitled “BOTGame” spread like wildfire through the world of competition and competitive battle.

“BOTGame” Further evolution of the organization is a major entertainment industry regulation, “W2BF,” into a sport that provides entertainment for the many fans around the world.
Thus, the global implications -> fighting robot -> Sport. got it!

Square Enix plans to release puppet PC later this year. There is not many people go back story and the video trailer in addition to the above, and judging by the video – and the game’s Japanese website, and promised another update on the 10th – we do not know if it will be released in North America. That being said, what do you think? It looks like you think what would you play it?

New mythical continent mobile trailer with a summer launch window

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They all knew what was transpiring outside. They could not control these winds and snow, as they could ordinary such things. No, this was his doing. But they could dance and feast and laugh in defiance of the onslaught. They were taunka; they would endure.
A few months ago, we told you Fedeen game ‘plans to take the mythical continent to iOS and Android devices, and now there is a new game in the trailer, and when you can get your hands on it for tips.

The new trailer shows more games than in the past, focused on PvP and, as the press release says, “epic raid dungeon.” Fedeen game also announced that more than 10,000 players have registered in advance with the new pre-Google Play to play the game -registration function, and can continue to do so on their website, receive two free gifts doing: wings of the wind and the popular package, containing a variety of trophies.

Mobile mythical continent will be launched this summer.

ARK: Survival Evolved

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This year will probably be known as the year I rarely post. Life has just been crazy, and when I have a minute or two of free time there’s always something else that needs to be done, like house chores, or reading, or groceries. I’m still working 48 hours a week, and I don’t have a lot of free time to game, let alone free time to write about gaming. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been playing anything though!

ARK: Survival Evolved released, a game I had never heard of before and was certainly not on my radar in any way shape or form. I saw a few friends on my list playing it on release day and then I decided on a whim to pick it up because it sounded like something I would be interested in. I was right. I love this game. It’s another survival game, this time with dinosaurs roaming the planet. You’re left in an area with an implant in your arm and no memory as to what has happened. There are a few hosted servers up for the game which include PvP and PvE servers, but I decided that I’d be better off running my own server, so after a few days of trying to figure things out, I successfully got that started. I opened it to a handful of friends, and let the dinosaur taming begin.

This game is incredibly beautiful, and even though it’s in early access right now (I know, what ever happened to me not buying in to early access games?!) there’s already a lot of features completed (along with a lot of bugs). Crafting is simple, you run around collecting components and killing things, as you do these basic tasks you’ll level up and earn ‘points’ to unlock recipes. There are not enough levels in-game to be able to unlock everything, so your best bet is to trade off on learning recipes with a friend. That way you’ll end up with a great selection.

Then of course comes the survival part. Dinosaurs will come and break through your structures, so you want to build in a location that’s going to be relatively ‘safe’. I ended up learning this the hard way as I had to re-build my home a handful of times. Eventually I settled on a location that was against a cliff, so that was at least one side where I didn’t have to worry about dinosaurs coming from. As you get higher in level you of course unlock more powerful recipes, and are able to build more sound structures. You can also create narcotics, pots for cooking, storage, and beds that let you respawn in camp instead of many miles away.

The dinosaurs are incredible, and it takes some learning (if you’re not familiar with them) to figure out which ones are only interested in the plants and shrubs near by and which ones are interested in tearing you into tiny pieces. The game released at a great time, too, when hype for Jurassic World is at a record high. I can’t wait to see where they take the game in the next year, and even though there are bugs, it’s probably one of the best early release games I’ve played to date. Check it out on steam (it’s also 17% off right now).