SQUARE ENIX announced F2P MECH- fighting game figurehead

By on 9-16-2015 in news

The man’s hands tightened on the arms of his chair as he listened to both of them. This had been a recurring dream over the last few years; he found it now more tiresome than entertaining. “I grow weary of the struggle. Let us end this once and for all.”
The company has just announced a new 5v5 champion mech shooter called puppet – or “view of the head,” We see two versions of pop, and we Japanese are not so hot – and it has a very dramatic, if reaching back story:
In the 20th century, a huge meteor in Earth orbit satellites settlers created unprecedented panic and confusion. Human attempts to shoot down with anti-aircraft missiles falling meteor debris resistance, but their city was destroyed, eventually.

The land is currently contaminated by a meteor falling harmful substances and human beings are forced to live in underground shelters. In order tube surface from underground, has experienced a sharp acceleration unmanned robots to go with their own technology has made significant progress.

Adolescents, their new life underground boring, like unmanned robots such operations is called “2Foot.” Entitled “BOTGame” spread like wildfire through the world of competition and competitive battle.

“BOTGame” Further evolution of the organization is a major entertainment industry regulation, “W2BF,” into a sport that provides entertainment for the many fans around the world.
Thus, the global implications -> fighting robot -> Sport. got it!

Square Enix plans to release puppet PC later this year. There is not many people go back story and the video trailer in addition to the above, and judging by the video – and the game’s Japanese website, and promised another update on the 10th – we do not know if it will be released in North America. That being said, what do you think? It looks like you think what would you play it?