Firefall MMO game to unlock fusion

By on 9-22-2015 in news

The stallion’s coat, mane, and tail, gray at his birth, had turned white as the snow that had coated the ground on that day. It was a color that was rare even among the Balnir- bred horses, whose “white” coats were really mostly just light gray. Arthas had toyed with names like “Snowfall” or “Starlight,” but in the end, he followed the informal tradition of Lordaeron knights and gave his steed the name of a quality. Uther’s mount was “Steadfast,” Terenas’s “Courageous.”

The new trailer reveals the dynamic events, rewards and more fighting!

Red 5 Studios today released a new game Firefall trailer accompany players in the game in Cologne, Germany, to visit the site announced Firefall. Currently in the first stage of public testing, Firefall provides a unique technology-based vertical battle in a futuristic sci-fi universe

In this year’s game red 5 will discuss ongoing initiatives to push back fusion, and unlock Firefall world, using the latest dynamic events, and three new “melding pocket”, the upcoming GamesCom milestone like. Players can register to participate in Firefall public beta is free.

“Firefall come, because the game is a long way to go, we are pleased to see the improvements and new content to our fans and new players in the game,” said James McCauley, vice president of Development, Red 5 studio. “There are many more upcoming feature additions and talk about the game, so come and visit us at the show!”

About Firefall
Firefall, the upcoming free-to-play MMO shooter, set in a unique and beautiful science fiction universe 200 years later. Players are part of the human on earth the last remnants of fighting against all odds to survive in a hostile planet ravaged positive energy storm, attack by a mysterious humanoid race, known as the chosen. A 2013’s most anticipated PC game, Firefall by two AAA-level components, will attract Gunners fans: polished PvP combat system adjusted to the elite level of e-sports competitions and powerful open world experience designed to immerse the player in the deep Deep storyline dynamic events and social games.