Sony Online Entertainment and buy the company changed its name to Dawn game

By on 9-22-2015 in news

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It was officially announced on Monday the acquisition of Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE) and in New York by the name of Columbus Nova investment management company acquisitions.

Planning now as an independent game development studio, Columbus Nova renamed Sony Online Entertainment gaming company dawn.

Community priority service mode known best known for its super-heavy attack and their franchises EverQuest, Planetside®2 and DC Universe ™ – among many other people – Sony Online Entertainment has been developing online entertainment for the beloved different platforms, because a lot of 1999.

Columbus Nova’s senior partner, Jason Epstein, published about the company acquired the following statement, “” Sony Online Entertainment, recently renamed the dawn, is a great addition to our existing technology, media and entertainment center The company’s portfolio. We saw with the company’s game portfolio, by expanding multi-platform products and the new premium games here, including the recently launched H1Z1 and highly anticipated EverQuest Next, an exciting portfolio of growth tremendous opportunity, to be released in the near future. Early H1Z1 recently launched the visit a success is a testament to the studio developers to create great online gaming experience talent and dedication. ”

In addition, John Smedley, president of the dawn of the newly established game company also issued an official statement, “We are very pleased to be joining Columbus Nova impressive list of companies. They have a good record of similar and related industries. We eager to move forward and see how we can push the boundaries of online gaming. We will continue to focus on providing excellent gamers around the world, and to our product portfolio, the new platform, to embrace a multi-platform world, we We are alive. ”

As always, stay tuned to the most minute news and dawn on the newly created game company, including its highly anticipated blockbuster project, EverQuest Next comments fracture.