Love WoW, Love This Changeable World!

By on 5-23-2015 in guides

This is a changeable world. In this world, nothing is permanent. So is world of Warcraft, it is changing for a better entertainment. Through each patch, each version, we can see its growth and mature. For this reason, the old players are still here and feeling fresh, the new comers feel everything is so brand new. All of them are enjoy the sense of success here, and love the feeling of earning wow gold. Here is a new piece of change of wow.

DPS of Tohrazer in PVE of multi-objective battle is too high, so we to weaken their continued injuries. We hope that the Tohrazer has more advantages when in a battle, but the original damage was indeed too much. We also enhanced the reading of Shadow spell damage as compensation.

We canceled the requirements of facing the target when using the cast mind, making it the same with the priest’s other non-throwing skills in the same field.

We make a correction of weakening water shield online before, because the shaman in PVP when under attack gets too much mana response. 4.2 changes the same settings with just a more elegant manner, and the shaman’s overall ability is almost the same as present one.

We found that there are some problems of the usefulness of the Fire Nova, so we added it damage, and joined the Flame Shock refresh mechanism, hoping to improve usability. This is a brand new mechanism, so we will continue to assess its feasibility.

We added a runaway Glyph of Thunder, to enhance shaman in PVP and PVE in the mobile output. The impact of these changes is very difficult to assess.

The reason of weakening Mana Tide is the same to our reason of weakening the activation: all in all, he provides too much mana to the treatment team. We do not want to reduce the shaman mana gained by itself, so we re-design / added to the recovery talent to help shaman itself to overcome the impact of the change.