New mythical continent mobile trailer with a summer launch window

By on 9-16-2015 in news

They all knew what was transpiring outside. They could not control these winds and snow, as they could ordinary such things. No, this was his doing. But they could dance and feast and laugh in defiance of the onslaught. They were taunka; they would endure.
A few months ago, we told you Fedeen game ‘plans to take the mythical continent to iOS and Android devices, and now there is a new game in the trailer, and when you can get your hands on it for tips.

The new trailer shows more games than in the past, focused on PvP and, as the press release says, “epic raid dungeon.” Fedeen game also announced that more than 10,000 players have registered in advance with the new pre-Google Play to play the game -registration function, and can continue to do so on their website, receive two free gifts doing: wings of the wind and the popular package, containing a variety of trophies.

Mobile mythical continent will be launched this summer.