Ten Unforgettable Era During The First 3 Years Of Wow

By on 5-23-2015 in guides

Wo,world of warcraft has released near 7 years, I think there must be countless wow stories about the game ,about you ,your partners and so on. And of course,all wow players have their own experience in the game. During the first 3 years in China, I experienced those wonderful and unforgettable era. I want to say there are ten most impression period in my mind. Looking back three years, also with a lot of feeling. I sorted out the CWOW into the N-times. So long as his play to commemorate it! Remember that exciting times making wow gold ,questing and etc.

A legend of the times world of warcraft into China.
Why call the first time for the legend ? The reason is simple. When the “World of Warcraft” in China began closed beta, there are groups of people start successful registration. That era is indeed a legend. Many innovative designs were used, although the highest level of only 40, but there are many new things waiting for players to explore. Especially the first time in close contact with the “Warcraft” in the Saar, Jaina, Sylvanas and other heroes! We just can call it a legent time.
Second, large-scale migration period .
Some might say wrong, how even the immigrants are pulled out? ! Actually this is the fact ! Remember the beginning of time, Heaven II, A3, World of Warcraft, known as the “top three online games.” But in the end, A3 is outage, Lineage 2 failure, resulting in displacement of a large number of online game players. But, “World of Warcraft” after the advent of beta, so a lot of players have found a new home. So many former players in A3 or Lineage II came to the continent of Azeroth, for a new adventure. So this time, I put it named large-scale migration era.
Third, the crazy times (0 to 60 leveling).
It really is a crazy era. For all the crazy piece of equipment. To the discovery of a new crazy, to new levels and crazy! I was in this era came to this continent. Time just getting 60, almost everyone started leveling crazy, crazy understanding of “instance ” of the new games. At that time almost all level 60 people are crazy to three copies of the so-called T1/T2 brush set, courage, pundits, the equipment, then anyone who has one, simply as the existence of god! I remember a little Mage once said to me: “If I can have a pundit, then, should I jump I do!” How crazt these players are!
Fourth, land reclamation era .
MC, that is, “Molten Core”, is a senior Chinese WOW1.5.2 Raid after a copy, you need 40 people to work together , any of the mobs in here beyond the ordinary Boss strength, which those BOSS are not easy to went through, and almost all Boss need the cooperation and effort of the whole team. Importantly, so that team members experience the joy of teamwork and pride.
When CWOW update to 1.5.2, after we came to this fantasy come into contact with the world’s first copy of a 40-man team, this unprecedented giant land reclamation began. At that time, almost no one can withstand the MC monster. The old one is almost arrived in the hole began to unlimited destroy mission. Finally, after N times (N> 100), finally came to the front of the old 10. When the world is much older than the Lord appeared and the elements down to the last time in front of us, the kind of shock than later FARM people here can feel to. Until now, MC is as fabulous in our hearts .
Fifth, a large copy of the era.
Heroes in this world, we have ushered in the most other people can not forget the times by far! Dark Molten Core, strange Blackwing Lair, until the last terror of Naxxramas. I can not forget this day and age, it brought us endless joy and sadness and anger. T1, T2, T3 of these packages to entice us all the time, so we from the previous endless wasteland, later endless FARM. Countless wow gold and so on.Large copy of the era, the “World of Warcraft” online games onto this one peak. Other online games is almost never a culmination. It also created a miracle, a miracle of between 40. 40 small players, first exterminate the ancient elements of leader, but also kill the proud Dragon, even beheaded the Old Gods!
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